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Free Historical Stock Prices & Market Data

Get free historical stock prices, index data included. You can download all the data you want, back to 1984 (for some sections), which you can easily convert to i.e. Metastock format.

Why pay for daily updates, when you can download free historical stock prices from a quality, well known source. Download most of the U.S. market or the symbols of your choice with just a few clicks. All this is possible by simply using Quote Monster, a free Perl script you can download from this historical stock prices script page.


At the time of this writing, (July, 2007) the script is completely free - no hidden costs. There are other useful free scripts related to the stock market as well, available for download. There is some work to set up the Quote Monster, but it could be well worth the hassle, as it can save you a lot of money over the years. Since the script is free, technical support is not given however. Instructions to install it, is found in the script itself. Visit the free historical stock prices script page now.





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