Gann Cycles

Certain Gann Cycles was discovered by W.D. Gann, to find the likely time for market tops or bottoms in the future. He believed one of the most important factors in trading was time. When time and price meets, change is inevitable. A little known Gann method i personally use in an attempt to find market tops and bottoms, (in several time frames) is to count the trading days or trading weeks (used for short and mid term trading, respectively) from a past significant high or low. Important numbers in this regard are: 90, 135, 144, 180, 270 and 360.

A cycle convergence occurs when two or more of these numbers are found on the same trading day or week, at some point in future and with it... increases the chances of marking a top or bottom, in these time frames. An exception, when used isolated (no convergence) the 90 and 180 numbers are powerful enough to cause market reversals. This is also my own experience. A leeway of +/- 1 day (short term) or week (mid term) is usually given for the trading day or week, which marks such a cycle convergence in the stock market.

But these future points in time, don't necessarily say anything about whether it will mark a top or bottom. So one technique used to get a clue, is to observe the directional trend going into these GA time frames (the so called Gann Angle day or week, given the leeway as mentioned above). An example, when market prices have entered a GA time window and the trend going into it is bullish, (positive) often a bearish (negative) market reversal will be the outcome and vice versa.

Below is a recent daily and weekly chart, which shows past short & mid term forecasts, based on this cycle technique. To get future GA's, simply sign up to the Free Trader's Tips Newsletter below, which also include other advanced analysis techniques. Here is a recent example issue for a peek into what you can get with a no cost subscription.

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