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Accurate Stock Picks - 305% Total Return, Sept. 07 - Jan. 08

36 Winners - 7 Losers. Average gain 8.8% - Average loss 2.7%

Since you took the time to subscribe to this newsletter, i'll share something important with you. You see, I was doing some stock related research and came across an interesting website.

It's called the 5MinuteTrader™

But before I proceed further, I want to make one thing absolutely clear: There is nothing to buy on this web page. I’m just telling you about some valuable resources for your consideration. Being a subscriber myself, i recommend their website because it's filled with profitable stock picks, useful articles and stock trading related education material.

And if you combine these top stock picks with the compounding formula given in the Secrets Of Successful Traders Ebook, i dare say it could very well change your life in my opinion, if you're not already wealthy. These could be good income sources for building extra wealth, besides any job you may have. But don't take my word for it, why not take some time to explore these websites. I think you'll find it a good investment of your time and there are also Free Resources available, as an additonal benefit to you.

Have a look at the benefits 5MinuteTrader™ is providing to all their members and then decide yourself:

1. 89.3% accurate stock recommendations according to their website, in any market condition with exact entry price, exit price and stop loss along with daily commentary (updated 3 times in a day) and trading Notes. Well, long term, this high level of accuracy should be taken with a grain of salt in my opinion and i recommend to check out the details yourself. But after personally checking out their current track record, (Feb. 08) showing 36 winners vs. 7 losers, in the Sept. 2007 - Jan. 2008 period, they seem to be well on the profitable side, with over 305% total return. I calculated the average win was 8.8%, average loss 2.7%. So building wealth over time with this stock picking service is quite possible, in my view. And these are experienced folks with over a decade in the financial markets.

2. Real time chat with other traders and one on one personal support & assistance to each and every member

3. Stock Market Training Guides & Tutorials - They've tried to cover almost every possible aspect of stocks market business and categorized it into 3 sub-categories (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) based on the level of difficulty.

4. Get multiple alerts without paying extra - Swing trading, short selling, short term, long term alerts- everything is included in the membership

5. Resource Center - Inside the membership area you'll find many articles, interviews, tutorials, EBooks, Videos, Quizzes, Forum, Discount and much more. It seems they plan to grow these content sections over time.

6. Put your hand out, because they are going to hand you an entire step-by-step 8 Week action plan plan that will walk you through everything you need to know to succeed, from the very beginning steps to the more advanced techniques. Very helpful for beginning stock traders.

7. Goal & Task Management - Keeping organized is the #1 priority. Setting goals and working to achieve them is absolutely essential for someone to become successful online. Included with 5MinuteTrader™ membership is access to your "Personal" section where you can keep track of goals and tasks, completed courses and your profile.

8. The Discount Shoppe - They aim to give you the opportunity to purchase hundreds of hottest and best selling EBooks, software, services and subscriptions (Stock Related & Unrelated Both) at low prices.

9. The Wall Street Warrior - It’s a gathering place where all the members can ask questions, exchange ideas, and get advice on their problems from like-minded stock market professionals.

10. And lot of other stuff like contests, polls and much more. This could become a popular market community over time, at this point it's new. Give it shot... if you don't like it, they'll refund your money & pay you back even more than the cost of your subscription. Or at least get their Free 50 page Ebook Download, called "The Trading Secrets".

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